Self-employed car loan without credit score

It is far from easy to get a car loan without a credit score for the self-employed. This is all the more problematic since almost all the self-employed are dependent on a car and only rarely have the money to pay for a new or used car in cash. Nevertheless, there is a realistic chance if the self-employed person turns to the dealership or a private credit broker.

Dealer loans

Dealer loans

A dealer loan has a number of advantages over a bank loan. First of all, one should think of the fact that the formalities for the purchase and financing of the car can be regulated under one roof. In addition, the car is a security that can be attached by the car dealer if necessary.

This will always be the case if the borrower falls behind with the payment of several loan installments. Despite all these facts, there is no guarantee that every dealer can give a self-employed car loan without credit score. The approval or rejection of the loan application depends not least on whether there is a good relationship of trust between the dealer and his client.

A self-employed person who has been known as a good customer for years is much more likely to get a car loan without a credit score for the self-employed than a person who is largely unknown.

Credit Providers

Credit Providers

There are numerous private credit intermediaries who offer their services on the Internet. They can be based in Germany or abroad. This says nothing about their seriousness and the quality of their work.

There are other criteria for this. Caution should be exercised when making unrealistic promises or collecting high fees without a loan being approved. This principle should be observed not only for a car loan without credit score for the self-employed, but also for any other loan.

Regardless of who is ultimately the lender, every self-employed person should be aware that they have to pay the monthly repayments on a regular basis. It does not matter whether his income fluctuates strongly or is temporarily absent.

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