Dating Online With Asian Cams

Asian cams have become a popular webcam dating trend over the past few years. The only difference is that unlike conventional cam sites, these cams are targeted towards Asians. It is no surprise to learn that the majority of online cam chat customers are Asian males.

Most Asian females are free-spirited

asian girls

It is no secret that there are many ways for men to meet Asian females and make long-lasting relationships. Because of the size of the Asian population, there are a large number of cams that cater to them.

Although most men don’t actually know how to use these cams, they can be an excellent tool in making a lasting relationship. In this article, we will take a look at how Asian cams work.

They enjoy being with other people and do not like to be dominated. The reason for this is that Asian women have been raised to be independent. As a result, they are looking for other people to contribute to their lives and to share their hobbies and interests. With Asian cams, you get to do just that.

This is not to say that Asian females are passive. On the contrary, they are quite the opposite. For instance, when they see a male using a white female cat, they will make it clear to him that he is not allowed to do so unless he is a member of their race.

If he persists, they will send him a message via a private message option, letting him know that they don’t want others to be privy to what goes on in their cam rooms.

One of the biggest advantages of Asian cams

Asian women

Is that it provides the opportunity for male members to communicate with other males who are also members. This allows male members to feel more comfortable with other Asian men and women.

Since Asian girls are less likely to participate in games or other forms of sexual interaction, this provides an added attraction. It has been proven that Asian girls and males have a greater interest in chatting than women and men from any other ethnic group. By allowing Asian cams, men from other countries can enjoy the same cam experience as Asian girls do.

Asian girls generally prefer to date men who come from a specific cultural background. However, because of the anonymity that Asian cams provide, it has become easier for Western men to find dates among Asian females. The most common way to do this is to be respectful and polite and be sure to keep the lines of communication open.

It is also true that Asian girls do not like to be treated as sexual objects. This makes dating Asian females a much better experience for men because they can have a genuine relationship without any type of heavy teasing. This is especially important if you do not want to be called a “chink” or a “chili.”

There are many things that you can use Asian cams for

asian  women

Including helping other Asian females in your life to find their perfect partner. You can easily find a man for yourself and build a meaningful relationship with him.

Another advantage to Asian cams is that the members can get access to the Internet and use their computers as they chat with other members of the site. This eliminates the need to use their phones to call and catch up with each other because everything can be done through a computer.

If you have been trying to find a potential partner but cannot find one that you would be comfortable with, Asian cams may be exactly what you need. These sites can give you access to Asian females that you may have otherwise never been able to get to know.

There are various options available when searching for hams to join. The best way to find a particular cam is to research the different sites available, then choose the one that best fits your needs.

The Pleasure of Sex Cam Live

The Sex Cam Live website is one of the most popular adult websites today. For some, this may be an opportunity to have a real live chat with the most gorgeous girls in the world, but for others, it is a place where they can get a chance to see exactly what it is like to have sex with a hot girl for the first time.

The site allows users to interact with other members while having sexual intercourse on a webcam. They will be able to see the world through the eyes of a sexy cam girl and know what she is doing while they are getting it on. It’s a much different experience than going to a strip club and trying to get away with doing what you’re not supposed to do.

The Sex Cam Live website is a great way

The Sex Cam Live website is a great way

To take advantage of the great view that a cam girl can provide. You’ll have the ability to see her and communicate with her without giving her your full attention. You can take it or leave it without having to deal with any performance anxiety.

Since the cam chat rooms at the Sex Cam Live website are a true representation of what happens when two people have sex, some of the girls on there could be very young.

In fact, most of them are only a few years older than the members. You’ll see some really sexy little girls that you may want to take home to meet your husband.

While the pictures aren’t all that great, many of the chat room conversations between members of the Sex Cam Live website do turn out to be extremely hot. Some members are hot for some reason, and other guys think that the sight of a small young lady is pretty hot, too.

While there are always going to be some girls who are only interested in sex, there are plenty of hot chicks on there who are happy to talk with the members.

However, the cam rooms are not a place where members are allowed to ask questions about what they should do during the act. There are various hints that members can use to bring their partners to orgasm.

There are plenty of clues available

girls on cam

That members are encouraged to try to use while they are engaged in lovemaking. That doesn’t mean that members can get into trouble if they go a little overboard, though.

Sometimes girls in the cam rooms are the best persons to ask questions about what you should do. After all, you are probably wondering about how to do it properly, or whether you can actually get away with it. If the cam girl knows what she is doing, then she’ll be able to give you answers that you’ll be sure to appreciate.

Of course, if the girl’s personality isn’t to your liking, there are plenty of chat rooms where you can chat online with members from other countries.

There are guys from England and the United States that share the same interests as you do, and they find that the cam rooms are a great way to connect with each other over things that you both enjoy.

If you’re looking for a way to meet girls that you might have some chemistry with in real life, the Sex Cam Live website is a great place to start.

You can search through the various websites and chat rooms to find out which ones have the most interesting members, and you can set up an account so that you can have instant access to the chat rooms.

If you happen to be a person who really enjoys watching women

girls on cam

Watching them show off their bodies and show you their minds and feelings and learn how to pleasure a man, then this is the place for you.

All you need to do is get a membership to Sex Cam Live and join the fun. You will find that you won’t want to leave until you’ve seen all that this site has to offer.

If you’re thinking about taking your first steps toward making some friends or just starting out on your own adult entertainment career, the Sex Cam Live website is a perfect place to begin. It’s also a place that is sure to provide you with a wealth of fun and friendship in a completely safe environment.

When you take the time to give it a try, you will soon see that the Sex Cam Live site offers you exactly what you want and what you need. to begin your adult entertainment career.

What’s So Great About Using Facebook For Sims?


The Sims 4 Facebook integration allows you to use chatboards and tools from the Sims blog, Facebook social network, and websites like Twitter, as well as integrated search functionality for the entire social network.

What does that mean?

What does that mean?

It means that the Sims blog and Facebook social network will allow you to build your Sims online persona. When you post a status update, people will see your main avatar and all of your additional characters. This works on any social networking site, too!

You can also show off your community skills to friends through their Sims online profiles. If you want to give a gift for a birthday or anniversary, they’ll see that you know that birthday is coming and look for updates online.

In the Sims Social Network, it’s easy to stay connected to friends, colleagues, and family.

In the Sims Social Network, it

Just remember that sharing a status update isn’t the same as sending an e-mail, and be sure to use your status updates wisely, whether it’s posting new photos, communicating with other Sims, or searching for friends.

Keep in mind that Facebook is changing how people “vote” on sites, so if you have a large number of friends who are using your Sims Social Network account and you’re connecting to Facebook, make sure to use the tab bar when you’re online. Your other friends won’t get the same traffic from people who are not connected to Facebook.

If you’re wanting to test out the Facebook Connectivity Panel, it’s easy to do. You can start by going to a website called Type in the name of your Sims Social Network account, and then choose how many of your friends you want to be able to connect to Facebook with your Sim social network account.

If you want to give your Sims a bit of personality, you can post photos of your current vacation to remind yourself of fun things to do while you’re away. The same goes for pictures of you and your friends on vacation together. A lot of fun things to do with your Sims will include taking a trip to Disneyland, which is a no-brainer because you love to go there and your Sims love to go there, too.

When you’re sitting at work, you can post pictures of family vacations, fun times with friends, or just about anything else that you want to share with the rest of the Sims in your network. A lot of fun things to do with your Sims includes but isn’t limited to, finding themselves a job in the Sims universe, attending proms, and holidays.

Just remember that you can use the Facebook Connectivity Panel and the Facebook Connector app, too, for Sim networking. All you need to do is log in to Facebook from your mobile device (remember that these apps require a Facebook app to function, which you should download today) and then you can set up all of your Sims to use the app to access Facebook. Another great way to socialize with Sims online is to create a Sims fan page on the Sims Social Network.

This way, you can show off your best friend’s Sims and get them to share your updates with their friends and followers. A lot of fun things to do with your Sims includes but isn’t limited to, interacting with other Sims, getting new Sims, completing tasks, performing puzzles, and doing what it takes to help the other Sims succeed.

Keep on track of the accomplishments of your Sims.

Keep on track of the accomplishments of your Sims.

It is another one of the great things to do with your Sims online.

Creating a collection is easy, and you can view each Sims’ progress, including their inventory, purchases, and date of birth, using the Sims Online Calendar.

Building your Sims online profiles can be fun too, and most of the time, it’s easy to do. Since the Sims Social Network is free to join, you can start up a new social network quickly and easily with Facebook’s integrated toolset.

How Couple Sex Cam Chat Can Add a New Dimension to Your Sex Life

Couple sex cam chat rooms are really popular today, because of the internet and people nowadays. Why is this? Well, for one thing, they are convenient.

You can sit in your home and enjoy a couple of sex cam chat

Couple Sex

As long as you have an internet connection and a microphone. You can play it cool with someone, or you can be a fun-loving person that enjoys people having fun. Whatever it is that you are going to do you can do it in a chat room.

This gives you a chance to have a little bit of fun while you are chatting with another couple. This really helps break the ice and can make the time that you spend chatting with a couple feel more like romance.

It also allows you to experience what your partner’s limits are and how they respond. If you know that your partner is a fun-loving person and you want to try and bring them down a notch you can do this in a couple of sex cam chat.

Another great thing about this type of chat is that it can help you discover your partner when they are not what you would consider the fun lover that they try to make themselves out to be.

If you spend time with someone who has a sense of humor that you don’t like there is a good chance that this person isn’t the one for you.

You can bring up these things with other couples love cam chat

The best thing about talking with other couples that share the same interests is that you can learn a lot about the people that you want to be with and you may even find that you would have found a new love.

Just remember to keep in mind that this is a place where you are interacting with new fun partners. This is not going to be a time that you get to enjoy the company of someone you are going to get bored of fast.

One last tip for those that are not comfortable talking with other people is that couples’ sex cam chat can be very private. It is a great idea for people that need a little bit of privacy and wants to be able to talk with someone they are interested in without having to worry about others finding out what they are doing.

This can be a great way to spend some time with someone that is going to be on their own and not have to feel guilty for having a little fun.

With the amount of chat rooms available today and the great popularity of couples sex cam chat it is not hard to find a couple of sex chat rooms that you are interested in.

The key to successful couple sex cam chat is finding the right one for you

The key to successful couple sex cam chat is finding the right one for you

Make sure that you do some research and learn what makes each one tick, and find out what makes a room popular.

This is the only way that you will be able to find the right room for you to talk with other people about your sex life. A cam chat is a great way to figure out how you respond to certain activities and you will also get a better idea of what will work well for your personal needs.

If you don’t want to spend the money to find the right couple sex cam chat room for you and your partner then you can always use a website that will give you a free trial. Many people will give you a free trial to test out a few rooms before paying for it.

The Best XXX Sites for BDSM and Fun-Looking Web Cams

The videos for Dirty Roulette are unlike anything you have ever seen on the Internet. They are designed to be sexy and provocative. They take full advantage of the newest technologies for adult entertainment and appeal to many different tastes and desires.

What can you expect on dirty roulette videos?

What can you expect on dirty roulette videos?

The video sites for this series of videos are named after themselves, but the show is actually called Roulette in the scene names on each video. It has been awhile since I watched this show. I think it’s probably just one of those “old” shows that I want to forget about, but then again, how much of our “life time” can we really “forget?”

When I first began watching the show, I thought that it was a comedy and I am not too fond of comedy, but the creators of this show did take great care in their presentation. The programs are rich with humor and sexy scenarios. The acting is all over the place. It’s really a great show to check out, whether you like adult entertainment or not.

A few of the episodes of the series I saw featured naked women, but you never get the sense that they were all completely nude. These women looked great in their underwear. In fact, some of them were so beautiful that they could have been models at the shoots for some of the most high-end modeling agencies in the world.

The more hardcore shows were a little bit darker and featured more bare skin.

The more hardcore shows were a little bit darker and featured more bare skin.

There were some very interesting positions that I had never seen before. Of course, most of the scenes were filmed outdoors so you can expect some nudity there, too.

Another thing that sets Dirty Roulette apart from other niche shows is that the videos do not use computer animation. There are no stop-motion effects, nor is there any live action. They are all filmed using digital film.

This has allowed the production costs to be kept to a minimum. And it keeps the price down so the movies can be sold in their original form. Most of the videos are shot using a mid-grade digital camera.

My favorite of the videos was the “Odyssey” video that has a dark black background. I love that it has a clear view of the actors with very soft and smooth moving camera work. The sound was also very good and I really liked the music.

In addition to the scenes you see in the episodes, you get to see many different scenarios that have not been seen before. Of course, I didn’t watch all of the episodes in order. I only watched the ones I enjoyed.

The creators of Dirty Roulette promise more episodes and more free extras.

The creators of Dirty Roulette promise more episodes and more free extras.

I look forward to seeing more. If you are looking for something to keep you occupied on your home computer while you are waiting for your favorite show to start, then you should definitely give Dirty Roulette a try. I’m sure you will be hooked.

If you like to gamble and you love sexy shows, then you will love Dirty Roulette. The creators are top-notch at making the best pornographic videos and their sites are loaded with great free content that you won’t find anywhere else.

Loans to buy a car with bad credit -Tips to get a car loan with bad credit

Tips to get a car loan with bad credit

The motor vehicle is the best-selling mobility product, with which every buyer can individually realize their ideas. It is still the flagship and business card for many. The somewhat chicer mobile pedestal, therefore, remains only a dream of many car enthusiasts and has been a dream for a long time. That is why a car loan with bad credit is the perfect solution for many.

Even if it is ‘only’ a car loan, the pre-fascination with the ‘chrome-plated darling’, whether used professionally or privately, nevertheless requires prudent action. Your desire for a new vehicle has earned a serious partner.

Buying a new car, whether used or brand new, always has something to do with spending more money. Most of the time, the item ‘buying a car’ never really fits into the financial structure. For many consumers, financing is a perfect option.

The car loan is basically no different from any other installment loan. As with any other loan, the lender needs so-called collateral. In addition to the demonstrably fixed monthly income of at least 1,000 dollars, life insurance or any real estate can be the prerequisite for a positive decision.

If the monthly income does not reach the ‘pain threshold’, a guarantor can be the desired salvation. A guarantee poses other problems. Last but not least, an unwanted ordeal of a long, trusted friendship.

The view of the credit rating does not have to be

Most lenders obtain information on a ‘credit rating’ loan application. In this protection association for general credit protection, any payment irregularities in the recent past are recorded. It serves as a personal certificate in dealing with money when concluding contracts such as loans or financing purchases.

Nevertheless, there are reputable financial service providers who grant a loan for negative characteristics without credit rating. This may result in higher fees and processing costs. The personal “go in yourself”, to what extent an additional loan can be financed, lies with each individual.

If the objective internal ‘yes’ is available, you can request the contact form. And you’re ready to go.

Different financing options for a car loan in comparison

Car loans can be financed without earmarking. With auto financing, you can choose from three possible financing models, either from the house bank, a free car bank or via the manufacturer bank:

1. The annuity loan

This type of loan is the most chosen when it comes to financing a car or property. The borrower pays a constant loan rate monthly, quarterly or annually, which is composed of repayment and interest.

The interest rate is fixed in the so-called ‘repayment loan’. The borrower determines his interest rate risk, and thus also the term. This can be between 12 and 84 months and, depending on the contracting modality, also longer. The loan is always paid in regular installments.

2. Balloon financing

It aims at a monthly high repayment rate. However, this can be kept lower than with the annuity loan but at the end of the term, there is a higher final rate. This can also be determined when the contract is concluded.

3. The three-way financing

In itself, it is nothing else than balloon financing. Only that there are three options at the end of the flagpole. The first option makes the borrower the owner of the car at the last installment.

The second option can be follow-up financing, in which the final installment is split up again into smaller installments. An increase in price is a logical consequence. The last option is to exit the contract. The dealer gets his car back and releases the car loan at the buyback price.

Inquiries are free and non-binding

Anyone applying for a car loan should have made comparisons beforehand. When it comes to your money, the serious factor should always be more important than all promises and beautiful paintings.

Getting an individual car loan requires that you have carefully weighed it up for yourself. What is important is what is good for you. Not for the bank. Only then should you fill out the contact form with your personal data and wishes. You will receive a written processing confirmation within 24 hours.

Due to our interest rates and conditions, we are more than competitive compared to “normal” banks.

And it’s that easy!

  • Simply fill out the credit request online and send it off
  • the team will take care of the processing immediately
  • You will immediately receive an offer for your car loan – without obligation and free of charge
  • check the offer and decide!
  • After return and positive processing of the documents, the payment will be made as quickly as possible
  • Non-binding – Fast – Inexpensive to the desired loan!

Public Service Loan


Banks are free to choose who they lend to and who they don’t. There is no legal obligation to do so. In the same way, consumers can choose the lending bank themselves if they meet the requirements for a loan.

A fixed income is the basic requirement for a loan commitment. Civil servants have it particularly easy. Not only the civil servant is meant here, but also employees and workers benefit from the state as an employer. As of a certain affiliation to the public service, the employees are also non-resignable.

The official loan

The official loan

There are different types of credit at banks. This also includes the civil servant loan. It differs significantly from other loans. Those who work in the public sector can count on higher loan amounts than another employee. Accordingly, longer terms can be chosen. They also differ from other loans in the amount of interest.

These loans are reserved not only for civil servants, but also for the other permanent employees. Banks see no risk in lending to civil servants. Their income is guaranteed and there is no risk of unemployment. If it should actually happen that a job in the public service has become redundant, only a transfer is possible. Terminations are excluded.

Who grants an official loan?

Who grants an official loan?

Every bank grants a loan to public sector employees, because this target group is one of the most popular among banks. The choice of branch or direct banks is large, so that borrowers only have to study the offers to find the best loans. A loan for civil servants can be applied for directly on the Internet. After the formalities have been completed, it only takes a few days for the loan amount to reach the borrower’s checking account.

However, this requires a good credit rating, because credit score is also checked for employees in the public service. Negative entries, however, do not have a serious impact, and in this case the bank also grants a loan to civil servants when the creditworthiness is no longer as good. The employees who work for the state also benefit from this. It does not matter whether you are employed by the state, the federal government or the municipality.

Car purchase credit – financing when buying a vehicle

Many consumers who buy a new car or a higher quality used vehicle need a loan to finance it because they do not have sufficient reserves.

As a rule, loan amounts of several thousand USD are used for such a car loan, with very expensive cars, car buyers also ask for loan amounts of over 20,000 USD. Car loans can be used to finance vehicle purchases as conventional annuity loans or as a loan with a final installment.

Installment loan as a car loan

Installment loan as a car loan

A car purchase loan is very widespread, and its repayment terms are similar to those of a conventional consumer loan. After the loan amount has been paid out, the customer pays the same amount for the repayment and the current interest every month.

The proportion used for the repayment is continuously increasing. The interest burden is continuously reduced because the residual amount to be interest continuously decreases due to the repayments. The interest rate for this car loan is fixed throughout the term, so that the customer is not exposed to any interest rate risk.

Credit check

Credit check

Before an installment loan is paid out as a car loan, the customer’s creditworthiness is thoroughly checked. For this purpose, extensive questionnaires must be filled in, in which information on the economic and personal circumstances of the borrower must be provided. Among other things, the marital status, the profession exercised and current employer, the amount of current income and the regularly recurring monthly expenses are to be stated. The information on income must be regularly backed up with the latest salary slips.

In addition, it is common for the lending bank to obtain information from Credit Bureau. The bank will only grant a loan if the information on the financial situation and a positive notification from Credit Bureau confirm the customer’s creditworthiness. A car loan is always paid out with a strict earmarking.

The collateral

The collateral

For this reason, the loan amount may only be used to finance the intended vehicle purchase. One of the special features of a car loan is its collateral. As a rule, the bank is to be given the Kfz letter to carry out the transfer by way of security agreed in the loan agreement.

As soon as the borrower does not transfer the monthly installments for his car loan to the bank in accordance with the agreements in the loan agreement, the bank can have the vehicle picked up. The car is then sold to use the proceeds to redeem the loan.

Final installment loan as a car loan

Final installment loan as a car loan

It is much less common for customers to opt for a final installment loan to finance the car purchase. This form of loan is a final loan that is only repaid at the end of the term.

This implies that until the end of the loan term, only the current interest has to be paid by the customer. For this reason, this type of loan is expensive compared to the usual installment loans for financing the car purchase. Interest accrues for the entire loan amount during the term, resulting in a significantly higher total amount than for installment loans.

Risks in the final installment loan

Risks in the final installment loan

In addition, a loan with a final installment as a car loan is also associated with specific risks. In order to be able to reliably pay the final installment at the end of the contract period, it is necessary to save larger amounts over the entire term. If this does not work and the final installment cannot be paid, then either a new loan has to be taken out or the car has to be used.

With this special form of credit, the borrower’s creditworthiness is checked in the same way as with a conventional installment loan. In terms of earmarking, fixing the interest rate over the entire term and securing the loan by providing the vehicle letter, there are no differences to installment loans for the financing of cars.

Lender for car loans

Lender for car loans

Customers are usually offered a loan to finance the purchase of a car from a car dealer during the sales talk. These loans are usually issued by the automotive group’s own bank. The car salesman acts as a credit broker, he informs the customers about the loan terms and helps them fill in the necessary applications.

Although the interest rates for this type of car loan are usually extremely cheap, experts usually advise against car loan loans. As a rule, the customer no longer receives a significant discount on the purchase price of the vehicle when the loan is drawn. This price disadvantage cannot be compensated for by low interest rates.

Consumers can also obtain a car loan from established banks and savings banks. Online banks from home and abroad also offer loans to finance vehicle purchases. The application for and processing of the loan takes place over the Internet and does not require any special expertise on the part of the customer.

Comparison of interest rates

Comparison of interest rates

When choosing a car loan, the customer first decides on an installment loan or a loan with a final installment. After that, the optimal loan term is determined, which allows the borrower to repay the car loan without difficulty.

Customers then check the loan offers from different banks. It is always important to pay attention to the effective interest rate, because only this interest size takes into account all factors that have an impact on the amount of the total credit costs. In the case of the effective interest rate, for example, transaction fees and different interest and repayment dates are appropriately included in the calculation.

The borrower’s credit rating also has a significant impact on the amount of interest charged by the bank. The better the rating of the customer’s credit rating, the lower the required risk premium and thus the overall interest rate. To get an overview of the current interest rates for car loans, many consumers use comparisons on special Internet forums or in specialist magazines.

Self-employed car loan without credit score

It is far from easy to get a car loan without a credit score for the self-employed. This is all the more problematic since almost all the self-employed are dependent on a car and only rarely have the money to pay for a new or used car in cash. Nevertheless, there is a realistic chance if the self-employed person turns to the dealership or a private credit broker.

Dealer loans

Dealer loans

A dealer loan has a number of advantages over a bank loan. First of all, one should think of the fact that the formalities for the purchase and financing of the car can be regulated under one roof. In addition, the car is a security that can be attached by the car dealer if necessary.

This will always be the case if the borrower falls behind with the payment of several loan installments. Despite all these facts, there is no guarantee that every dealer can give a self-employed car loan without credit score. The approval or rejection of the loan application depends not least on whether there is a good relationship of trust between the dealer and his client.

A self-employed person who has been known as a good customer for years is much more likely to get a car loan without a credit score for the self-employed than a person who is largely unknown.

Credit Providers

Credit Providers

There are numerous private credit intermediaries who offer their services on the Internet. They can be based in Germany or abroad. This says nothing about their seriousness and the quality of their work.

There are other criteria for this. Caution should be exercised when making unrealistic promises or collecting high fees without a loan being approved. This principle should be observed not only for a car loan without credit score for the self-employed, but also for any other loan.

Regardless of who is ultimately the lender, every self-employed person should be aware that they have to pay the monthly repayments on a regular basis. It does not matter whether his income fluctuates strongly or is temporarily absent.

Small loan for pensioners


Unlike retired employees, pensioners experience this. With their old-age pension, they have a secure income that will flow to the end of their lives. They can no longer lose a job.

This advantage could actually be a good prerequisite for the fact that a small loan for pensioners is easily granted. But that’s not the way it is – many banks only give small loans to pensioners if they can provide a younger guarantee. Although pensioners do not lose their jobs, they may lose life before the loan is repaid.

The so-called biological risk weighs so heavily that pensioners really struggle to get a small loan for pensioners when they are of a certain age.

The age limits for lending

The age limits for lending

Many consumers are not aware that there are age limits. Most people know that if you want to take out a loan, you have to be 18 years old. Only those affected – the pensioners – notice that there are age restrictions. Many banks used to end at 70 years old. Today, the age limits that each bank sets individually are somewhat softened and partly adapted to the significantly higher life expectancy. Seniors today are on average far older than 80 years. The purchase guidelines at the banks do not take this into account in any way.

If pensioners are lucky, they get a loan in their mid-70s that runs for twelve months. More is usually not possible without a recent guarantee. For pensioners who are 75 years and older, it is hopeless if they apply for a small loan for pensioners without a younger guarantee.

According to the banks, the biological clock is ticking particularly quickly. Consumer advocates rightly speak of a form of age discrimination. However, since there is freedom of contract for banks, politicians cannot force banks to lend to pensioners in their mid-70s and older.

The banks’ concern is completely unjustified. Almost all pensioners have heirs. A borrower should actually die before the loan is repaid. The relatives inherit not only the savings of the deceased, but also the liabilities, so repaying the remaining debt should not be a problem.

Do not cover the small loan for pensioners with residual debt insurance

Do not cover the small loan for pensioners with residual debt insurance

Banks that lend a loan to pensioners are only too happy to try to sell pensioners a residual debt insurance policy that will replace the loan in the event of death. This residual debt insurance is not recommended for pensioners. Even if the conclusion were still possible, the residual debt insurance would be so expensive that the loan costs would increase significantly.

The risk of death is also higher for insurance for older people, and the premium is correspondingly expensive. Pensioners who are only interested in a cheap small loan or who want to take advantage of zero-percent financing, because the loan will then cost them nothing, would have to bear high costs for the insurance premium, which are apportioned to the monthly rate.

For many pensioners, this is opaque overall because zero percent financing for a small loan remains so, even though the borrower has to bear high borrowing costs. Banks are prohibited by law from making residual debt insurance a condition for lending. If they do so, the cost of the insurance must be reflected in the effective interest rate. It would then be so high that pensioners would not take out the loan.


It is not easy for pensioners to get a loan. The biological risk is overestimated by the banks. Pensioners who are creditworthy can easily get credit if they submit the application together with a younger guarantor. Pensioners should not get involved in taking out residual debt insurance to cover death, as this can be expensive.