Non – bank loan for foreigners

The door to credit is not even closed as a foreign national, only permanent residence is sufficient.

You do not necessarily have Czech citizenship to be approved for a non-bank loan. If you meet other necessary criteria (eg confirmation of income or age between 21 and 77 years), you will receive a positive answer even if you prove the right of permanent residence in the Czech Republic. The whole transaction is thus very simple and comprehensible for all, the payment of money can be made to your Czech account today.


Everything takes place over the Internet in a few minutes

foreigner loan

Never mind that your Czech is not yet perfect. It is also not important if you can get out of work sooner to get to the bank branch. A short-term loan is about something quite different, actually because it is negotiated over the Internet. You do not need a personal identification number, it is sufficient to provide permanent residence – unfortunately, foreigners will not receive a loan without it because they do not provide the necessary guarantees and fail to meet the basic conditions. The identity document does not always have to be just an identity card; You can work or do business in the Czech Republic, it doesn’t really matter. Or the basic equipment for an establishment that you plan to open soon and start as a small business?Do you need money for money orders?Both are possible.


You can borrow

foreigner loan

If you remember at two in the morning or during standard daily working hours, that is absolutely irrelevant. This is because your application will be processed through a computer machine. He does not know shifts, rest or need longer medical holidays. You can count on one hundred percent that the answer will come soon. You don’t have to go anywhere, sign anything or worry in endless queues. All you need is an internet connection, the loan can be theoretically negotiated via mobile data, so you do not need to be in direct reach of home or business Wi-Fi. Save time at the branch, it is not always necessary to handle everything personally!


Choosing doesn’t have to be complicated

bank loan

Whom to give your trust and where, on the contrary, prefer to avoid any action? With what provider will it be an honor to borrow, in which case to back away from negotiating a loan in order to save completely unnecessary wrinkles? Actually, it’s simple, there can be many suspicious indications. A non-bank loan does not always have to be provided by someone fair. So let’s analyze those that are the most common on the domestic credit market ever.


  • Fees, fees, fees. Altogether actually for nothing but the charged items is a lot.
  • The business address is at an address that cannot be verified. He is not even in a larger city;
  • Web presentation directly to five. Nobody cared about her, she looks like a schoolboy.

These three most common problems make it clear that you should rather – as people say – take your hands away. A company that you know from the media, for example, has an ideal location in Prague and offers fair access free of charge, that’s something else entirely! In such cases, you may want to contact the provider with confidence because you have certain guarantees that it will be a fair company.


The chance is literally for everyone

The chance is literally for everyone

It does not matter if you have one or two citizenship, you only need to have a permanent residence in the Czech Republic and you can apply for a loan, it is really simple. Then you just need to prove permanent income, as well as a few other essentials – and everything will start processing immediately. Indeed, you do not have to wait, because you will receive confirmation of the entire transaction and send money to your account within fifteen minutes. No tiring queues or filling out paper documents, without which today’s times are easy to do without.

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