Month: December 2019

Small loan for pensioners

  Unlike retired employees, pensioners experience this. With their old-age pension, they have a secure income that will flow to the end of their lives. They can no longer lose a job. This advantage could actually be a good prerequisite for the fact that a small loan for pensioners is easily granted. But that’s not Read More

Used car credit – vehicle financing at a glance

Today, used cars are hardly ever paid for in cash, but almost always financed. On the one hand, this is due to the high amounts that used cars can still cost. On the other hand, it is because the interest on loans is so moderate that financing is worthwhile for many customers. Most banks give Read More

Non – bank loan for foreigners

The door to credit is not even closed as a foreign national, only permanent residence is sufficient. You do not necessarily have Czech citizenship to be approved for a non-bank loan. If you meet other necessary criteria (eg confirmation of income or age between 21 and 77 years), you will receive a positive answer even Read More